January 12, 2009


just look what i did this morning why helping (or atleast i thought i was helping) kaden get dressed for school...

i put his shoe on the wrong foot!!!!!!!!!!

i tied it & was helping on the other shoe before he noticed & told me.

so funny!!!

we all had a good laugh this morning because of it!

i'm blaming it on lack of sleep... ha ha


Kim said...

Oh, yes, I've so done that before. :)

Tanja said...

How funny, laughter is the best medicine!

Lisa said...

Hi Misty,
Nice to meet you...thanks for introducing yourself.

Your boys are so cute! One of my nephews in particular does the slide-on-his-knees thing and takes any opportunity to do it. Boys!

I've never heard of your book suggestion, but I may have to go check it out.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Too funny!!