January 22, 2009

*that chad is my bff. he really is my favorite person to be around.

* while visiting my parents this past weekend my mom took me shopping. thanks mom - i love you!

* that kaden now enjoys schools. we have no trouble getting him up & off to school. our biggest challenge now is him not liking what we picked out for him to wear.

* for my sweet, sweet boy brock - yesterday he said the word "cute" as he was walking into the kitchen. i asked him what was cute & he said, "you!!!"

* that the boys bathroom is almost finished with a tile makeover. only the grout to do & then hopefully i can get the dust back under control.

* my mother-in-law who keeps brock every wednesday so i can go up to the church a little early to help chad before the youth service.

* the lady who handed chad a $100 bill last night. she said "late christmas" - i say "thank you Jesus!" & maybe a date night coming up soon!!! (hint hint chad, if you read this!!!)


Anonymous said...

Your mom took you shopping? I am green with envy! You should post your bathroom makeover, inquiry minds want to see! Take that money and indulge on a date night, fabulous idea!!

Rach@In His Hands said...

All things to be thankful for!

How wonderful to receive a late Christmas present! I'm continually amazed at the generosity of people in our congregation.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Ok, I give you the letter...S!

Anonymous said...

i always read this Misty! i just never leave comments... because you are in the other room and i can just tell you instead of writing it for everyone else to read. Plus - it would sound really bad if i typed that there is NO WAY i am spending that $100 on you! JUST KIDDING!!! You know i already tried to give the entire $100 to you that night. A date sounds fun! A $100 date sounds REALLY fun! So here are the plans for the date - you go with me while i spend MY money - HAAAAAA - JUST KIDDING! I LOVE YOU. PS. YOUR BLOG IS REALLY GOOD - YOU ARE VERY CREATIVE...

Anonymous said...

OH!! have an idea about kaden's clothing.
pick out 3 or 4 shirt and pants that all go together then have him pick from those which ones he wants to wear. you both have come control!!