January 5, 2009

smell that???

i smell something familiar & it takes me back to that time, location, what i was wearing, doing. its crazy.

anybody else like this???

let me explain a little more in detail...

i was the winner of a $30 gift card to victoria secrets last month at a christmas party with some friends.

my husband is thinking yes!

i thinking yes, too! but only because i have been wanting some lotion & shower gel from there.

i used it back in my college days, honeymoon, & first few years of marriage.

in the store i smelled "love spell" first (the purple one) & in just a few quick seconds my mind raced with memories that took me back to the warm beach, miami airport, gay week (ha ha), first trip alone with my husband, key lime pie, hard rock cafe, hand in hand walks on the beach, great view, sunrises & sunsets, good food, renting bikes, swimming, riding sea doe's in the ocean... my honeymoon in the keys.

and i think to myself... got to get this one!!!

i smell a few more before i found "amber romance" (yellow) and this took me back to my first year in college... living in a dorm, trying to find out who i was, being very homesick, college classes, homework, making new friends - some great ones & then some not so great ones. i decided i had to get that scent as well.

i had a few more dollars to spend & a decision had to be made to what i would get... something new. so i got "sweet daydream" (pink)

i am hoping that in a few years i will go into victoria secrets & pick up the sweet daydream bottle of lotion & my mind will flood with memories from today, from this time in my life, the happiness of my boys, their smiles & laughs, being so in love with chad, not regretting anything... living life FULL!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE scented lotions. Enjoy making new memories that you will smell for many years to come. :)

Anonymous said...

Yea!! You pampered yourself and didn't buy "something" for the hubby. If he want's something from V.S. he should go pick it out!! LOL


Suzanne said...


Monika said...

That's cute misty. Oh those days.