January 11, 2009

"yummy, green trees are good!"

one of my new year resolutions was to put more vegetables on the table for dinner.

up to this year the only vegetable my boys would eat were green beans.

i know, i know shame on me!

i don't like many vegetables myself & my thinking is "why even buy them if i won't even eat it?!?!

last year i changed... a little! remember i made & tried chili for the first time & like it?!?!

so friday night we had a nice dinner of grilling out & eating some vegetables that kaden actually tried & liked!

this is a HUGE deal! the boy is extremely picky... nothing but meat on his hamburgers, no kind of sauces, no rice or pasta... sounds a lot like me when i was younger! (my mom is thinking... payback time!!!)

so i've learned my lesson... put new things out there on the table & one day they may actually eat it & like it.

just wondering now... does the same work for cleaning up the playroom? if i keep saying it will it eventually sink in & he will remember without me having to tell him???

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