January 14, 2009

not sure???

i'm not sure if this is a little crazy, a little strange to some of you or just cute to me because he's my little baby.

this is what i found when i got out of the shower this morning...

my 2 year old playing a game on his dad's iphone.

its one of his favorite things to do when chad is home.

over & over we here him ask/saying, "game, game"

and to me its just crazy that a 2 year old knows how to do it!!!

chad can just hand him his iphone, he knows how to unlock it & then find the game he wants to play.

i think i'll call it CRAZY CUTENESS!!!


~ A Moxie Mom said...

He is a little cutie! Our kids love our iphones too. We have four different games just for them. My 2yr old son's fav is the memory game; while my 3 yr old daughter loves the spelling games.

Pops and Grammy said...

He is amazing! And Cute! LYT

Monika said...

I know. Cali plays them any chance Lance puts his down. It all started at Thanksgiving!! IT is cute though and one to remember. Years from now who knows how old iphones will seem!!

Anonymous said...

That is a whole lot of crazy cuteness!

jennifer said...

oh goodness! That's so funny!