February 12, 2009


in honor of the upcoming valentine's holiday, i am declaring it Love Week here on my blog.

today i will simply kick it off with a short list of insignificant things that I love.

my chi straightener... o' what did i do before those things were invented!

coupons & getting things for free. it really excites me to organize & save money.

flat shoes... i'm 5'7 (pretty tall) so i have never worn heels much. i own at least 15 pairs of flats (maybe more) & even more flip flops.

lip gloss... any kind. i just think my lips, my face looks a little bit better with some shine or color on the lips :)

my coach purse... in the perfect shade of blue. i have owned MANY of purses but this one is just perfect. i love everything about it!

my digital camera... what was i thinking not wanting to get one??? it took chad at least a year to convince me that digital is the way to go. so glad i finally gave in! now i can take, take, take & then delete, delete, delete!

now you tell me... what are some of the things you LOVE?


Anonymous said...


6HappyHearts said...

Who can beat your hubby's comment?!
So sweet!
I love my 4 babies : )
Happy Heart Day!

Mrs. Sidney said...

Your hubbys comment was so sweet.

I agree about my one and only coach purse... although I got it before my mommy days so it just doesn't have enough room any more...lol

Melinda said...

I love that your hubby left you a comment...so sweet!

Rach@In His Hands said...

I love flats too.


My iPod.

Sweaters - I have a million.

A good novel.

I could go on and on. :-)

Your Chad is so sweet!

LuAnn said...

Awww!!! Your husband is sweet.
I love my husband,
flavored coffee,
my camera,
my Michael Kors purse (my daughter gave it for me,
talking on my phone
and I also could go on and on.
Enjoy your day with Chad!!!

The Bray Family said...

I love days when the whole family is home and we have nothing going on so we just get to hang out and have fun!
I also love days when Michael and I are both off and the kids are in school. We see movies, go to lunch, etc.
And brownies ;)

jennifer said...

I love my straightener too. LOVE it.

5'7"? That is pretty tall! I don't why I pictured you as short!

I love MOD PODGE. ;-)
and 100 calorie ice cream bars
and my space heater
and a clean kitchen

Cindy said...

Of course I love God, my husband and my kids!

I love the sound of silence when everyone has gone to bed (like now) and knowing everyone is safe!

I love taking pictures and scrapbooking!

I love to watch my kids do the things they love!

I love to cuddle with a fresh bathed kid big or small!

I love to laugh!

I love to give of myself!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love most of the same things! ...and starbucks ;)

Anonymous said...

Great list...I love my new Behold phone!

IMAGEine Couture Photography said...

I LOVE my CHI straightener too! And of course my fabulous hubby!