February 24, 2009


has anyone else heard of this show?
been watching it???

i think it is a BRILLANT idea... they were being judged on their inner beauty during the competition.
the catch: they didn't know it!

the judges set up situations each week & if they "failed" the three judges then would decided who needed to go. they watched video tapes of them & would see their "true beauty" come out.

this is when it would get funny because most of them had some big heads & think they ARE the most beautiful person on the world. how they talked about themselves just cracked us up!

i just LOVE the idea of this show. a show where you were judged & viewed on your INNER BEAUTY instead of what's on the outside. so good! i wish every teenager would have watched this show & caught the very important message they were getting out.

too much & for way too long we have let LA & NY, & the magazines tell us its about the size we wear our or what brand are jeans are... SO WRONG! its ok to look good but when that is all you care about then its wrong.

the Bible tells us, "God looks at the heart" & "true beauty is from Him"

during the show i had to do some examining of myself. i would like to say that true beauty always shines from me but that would be a lie. but its a reminder now, at the front of my brain that "TRUE BEAUTY" is my actions to others, to the people around me. doing nice, thoughtful things when NO ONE ELSE is watching. doing acts of kindness because that is what God wants that from me. and i want to make Him smile.


Amber said...

Yes! I watched the entire thing. I thought it was great too. And I'm so glad that Julia won. I would've been disappointed if Joel won, because I think he needed to learn something.

And I agree about learning something myself. I had reexamine myself. And I will again, now that I've read your comments. Thank you for sharing.


Cindy said...

This is so true Misty, I wish that all teenagers would get this concept through their heads. I remember all the girl teenage drama when I was in school and having two sisters of my own. It is such an important lesson to live and learn the younger the better. I just applied one of the wall letterings over Mackenzie's headboard it reads "True Beauty comes from within". I can only hope that she truly grasps this concept!

6HappyHearts said...

I watched the show a few times. I too caught myself examining my actions when no one is looking! Great lessons in where my heart truly is by what I say & do. Great reminder of where our "beauty" comes from & who we should be looking to for our self-worth!

Pops said...

Here, Here! Well spoken and such a great lesson! That's why God has you as a Pastor's wife.... Beauty from the inside out....been praying and working on that for many, many years....still got a ways to go...! Love you so much! Dad

Anonymous said...

So true, so true!

Shannon said...

Hi, I got the hooks from Hobby Lobby.

Becky said...

I watched one episode of this show! Is it over? hmmmmm
May have to check the site out online to see who won.
About the blog design, if you send me your email address I'll send you some info on it! I'd love to make something for you :)

Summer said...

yes, i was an avid watcher! love the idea, however, i think they portrayed it very corny. BUT - many good points and the last 3 'got it' I think. I loved all the last three.
The blonde (crazy, was let go towards the end) CRACKED me up everytime. I almost think she was an actress staged on the show.

Mrs. Sidney said...

I didn't actually watch the show but I do agree it is an amazing idea.

I wish I could shine for Him all the time but sometimes I sadly let my flesh lead.