February 14, 2009

what i love about k & b...

* i love he's dark eyes & long eyelashes.

* i love to watch him play sports.

* i love to receive pictures that he draws for me.

* "aah pickles" is what he says when he messes up.

* i love that fact that he is so honest... that he comes & tells me when he did something wrong.

* i love that he puts his plate in the sink after every meal.

* i love his smile!

* i love that he takes so many great pictures - he's photogenic.

* i love his passion that he has.

* i love his HUGE dimples!

* i love the fact that he's a mama's boy.

* i love that when he takes he's shoes off he either takes them to his room or put them neatly somewhere.

* i love that he only says 2 words & you know what he's talking about or what he wants.

* i love the sound of he's laughter... & we hear it often.

* i love how easy going he is.

* i love his cool hair... born with it... so easy to fix!

* i love his hugs i receive every morning.

* "lovey" is how he says love you.

* i love how quickly he obeys.

* now you go & tell your kids or write them a note, call them, tell them some how what you love about them. it will do wonders for their confidence! and it will make you both smile for sharing some love!!!


LuAnn said...

This is cute - I did this "I LOVE"
for husband today on daily grace and mercy.
Your kids are cute!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Pops and Grammy said...

I agree with everything you said.....plus I love how they love Pops & Grammy too! We love you all!

Daisy said...

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Michelle said...

Look at that dimple!!!
Happy Valentines Day