February 16, 2009

i passed 3rd grade...

my niece sent me a link to see if i knew where the 50 states were.

just a fun internet game - WRONG!!!

it turned into 10 or 15 minutes of me trying to pass the 3rd grade!

i have to confess something.

i cheated.

i had to look at this:
i was just getting so frustrated & mad that i could not figure out those small northern states.

i only looked at it maybe two or three times.

and of course, not while i was actually taking the quiz. :)

i want you to take 50 states challenge & see how well you do & how long.

go here
let me know how long it takes you... happy monday!!!


Natalie said...

W.O.W. Really did not know where Minnesota was. Not sure if this is something that I should admit publicly, but I actually got New York wrong. Put it in PA and to top it off, I live in PA!! Oh dear, I will not be telling my DH about this.

The Branches said...

Okay-I only played it once...and failed! That is terrible..I have to try and pass it again :)

Amber said...

How fun! I'll definitely have to go and take that. Would I pass!? I hope so! EEk!

Daisy said...

the first time i did them all except montana because it wouldn't let me put that one in the right place for some reason... but i did it again and all in order too!
and i didn't cheat! ;)

PG said...
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PG said...

OK, the first time I got frustrated. I didn't realize that once you drag the name to the state you have to re-click, I wasted a lot of time! I knew where California was and the name wouldn't stay there! So basically I didn't pass 3rd grade the first time. But blew the doors off and went straight to college the second time!

Tiffany said...

Too funny. I will have to take this quiz! I'll let you know the results:-)