February 26, 2009

* i'm thankful for my husband... the man of God he is, who listens & does what he knows God is telling him to do, even though its hard.

* i'm thankful for the nice weather today... 78 is the high today!

* i'm thankful that my talk with k was helpful last week & that a good note was sent home today from his teacher.

* i'm thankful knowing that God is FAITHFUL!

* i'm thankful for the lessons i learn while teaching the middle school girls sunday school class every week. i was not excepting that!

* i'm thankful that i got my lazy behind out of bed... finally & started working out again this week.

* i'm thankful that i was able to bless someone with some stuff out of my FREE stuff cabinet.


Rach@In His Hands said...

I'm thankful for many of those things, too!

Pops said...

I wish we were headed you way this morning...I am disappointed we can't come. You are blessed and a blessing! Love you!

tiburon said...

Fantastic list!