February 13, 2009

what i love about chad...

*chad, chadwich, clifton, chady-chad... i love that he lets me call him all these names.

* i love his feet... the prettiest & softest feet you will EVER feel.

* i love that he gets kaden dressed for school in the mornings.

* i love his eyes... they change colors with what he's wearing. so cool!

* i love how funny he is... really the funniest guy i know.

* i love he's creativity... it amazes me the ideas he pulls out of he's head.

* i love that he's a perfectionist, list maker & neat like me.

* i love how well we get along.

* i love that we are each others best friend.

* i love that he always keeps my car clean & gas tank full.

* i love that he is trying his best to be the best father to k & b.

* i love that taking out the trash is his job!

* i love that he makes me & the boys his TOP priority.

* i love that he is always trying to learn & grow.

* i love to hear him speak on.

* i love that he likes to shop with me.

* i love that he always drives when we go on trips. (i hate to drive!)

* what do you LOVE about your husband?
go & tell them... it will make his day!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you definately have a keeper there, he sounds wonderful!
Happy Valentine's Day...

Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing... He is HOTT!
Just Kidding!!! Thanks for saying all those lies - i mean nice things about me.

Cindy said...

I loved your idea so I followed your lead! Thanks for a great idea. Chad is pretty lucky to have you!

The Branches said...

awe...that is sweet! What a great idea...I know a lot of times I don't tell T how much he really means to me and I fall short, so it's nice to write it down for viewing :)

Lindsay said...

Great post!
I know I don't tell my husband enough how much I love him...

Thanks for the reminder!

Pops and Grammy said...

You are blessed and so is he! We love you all!