February 20, 2009

life made easier...

for breakfast, i would say 5 out of 7 days of the week my boys want pancakes.

frozen, blueberry, homemade... doesn't matter to them.

not hard... i can handle that.

well, yesterday while folding clothes i watched jon & kate plus eight.
(could you even imagine that many kids?!?!?)

they made my mornings easier... all because of this...

cut the pancakes with a pizza cutter!

i tried it this morning & it saved seconds!!! alot easier.

now i just need to find a travel pizza cutter to fit into my purse for when we eat out... anybody seen one?!?! ha ha


Amber said...

That IS a good idea! We actually had breakfast for dinner last night, and we ate up the rest of our frozen waffles. That idea would've come in handy!!

Thanks for sharing!

Rach@In His Hands said...

I've seen that Jon and Kate episode! Genius idea...

Good for you making your boys pancakes so often!

Michelle said...

Wow! What a great idea. Of course I a couple of pie cutter and my kids eat pancakes all the time. I will have to try it out.

Becky said...

Yes-I think I saw that episode of Jon and Kate...I'm lovin that new house! And a retractable pizza cutter that would fit nicely in your purse...why I think you have your next million dollar idea girlfriend!

Tiffany said...

I have to admit that I use my pizza cutter for a lot of things...I love it. I haven't seen a small one though:-)

Anonymous said...

wish i had read this early this morning - i hate cutting their pancakes/waffles with a fork. (i've ripped them into peices with my hands before b/c i hate using the fork so much...)
UCO gave away pizza cutters to the new students a couple years ago. somehow we ended up with a box full of them at the church - they were small - like 2 half frisbees stuck together with a hard plastic cutting wheel between them. Sounds like I should have gotten you one - i will look around and see if ther are any left. Maybe all your friends will want to buy them from us - ha ha!

More Every Day said...

So funny...I bumped into your blog through a friend. I am a youth minister's wife in Memphis!! Totally received the pizza cutter that Chad is talking about at Youth Specialties! I have one that I could send you in the mail!!! Never been opened! Let me know if Chad can't find his. ha ha

tiburon said...

We do the same thin. And we go through pancakes like crazy. We buy them frozen at the Wal-Mart. :)

Anonymous said...

Found a retractable one!!!!


Versa-Cutter Retractable Pizza Cutter with Ergonomic Grip

Item #: PG040-39W
Price: $9.95

Item Details:
Patented, award-winning design makes bulky, dangerous pizza cutters a thing of the past! The Versa-Cutter's unique retractable blade is kept sharp and protected in its plastic housing and the soft grip handle offers the perfect angle for applying pressure to quickly cut pastry dough, pizzas, quesadillas, cookie bars and more!
This retractable-blade design provides safer, more compact storage and the ergonomic grip is more comfortable than a traditional pizza cutter.

3" Stainless Steel blade with a slip-resistant Santoprene grip. Blade easily removes from handle for thorough cleaning. Both blade and handle are dishwasher-safe.