February 21, 2009

a week ago....

valentine's for us is about FAMILY.
we started a new tradition this year for the boys... instead of buying them a card that will get thrown away sooner or later. we are going to buy them a valentine book for them to keep & read over & over.
no date for chad & i... i like it that way. why pick one day to share the love? it should be EVERYDAY!!!
for breakfast we went to krispy kreme doughnuts... heart shaped!
for lunch we had pizza... heart shaped!
then that evening my brother, michael got us FREE tickets to the PBR. (so fun - kaden talked & squealed with excitement the whole time we were there)

it was FUN FAMILY FILLED day with alot of LOVE, HUGS & KISSES!!!


Melinda said...

What a fun Valentines Day! And mmmmmm - Krispy Kreme...how I miss living close to one of those!

Becky said...

Awe that is so cute! Love the heart shaped pizza! And a customer brought us heart shaped Krispy Kremes at the bank...they were delish!

Anonymous said...


The Bray Family said...

I am sure Kaden loved that bull riding! Did he get to see Bones?!
Glad you had a wonderful day, hope your birthday yesterday was just as wonderful!