November 7, 2008

not what i expected...

today chad & i meet with kaden's pre-k teacher for his first parent/teacher conference. chad & i were excited (or atleast i was) to go & see all of his crafts he has made since school started & also hear how he is in the classroom. she started off by saying-
  • he's a good leader
  • can cut very well
  • likes show & tell every friday
  • can count & recognize the numbers 1-30
  • knows his shapes & colors
  • can write his names
  • knows his letters
  • plays wells with the other kids in the class
  • confident boy
  • follows directions well

then she opened her book & started to show us pictures she had asked him to draw since the beginning of the school year -

first week of school - just a picture of himself with spiky hair (so cute that he didn't leave that detail out!)

second picture - picture of him & a shape

third picture - picture of him & two of his "girl" friends (i'm already telling him NO GIRLFRIEDS until college - they are trouble - haha)

fourth picture - another picture of him & his spiky hair (this time its higher... he needs a hair cut)

fifth picture & then the mood changed - a picture of our house & his slide with her writing on the bottom of the paper saying, "wants to go home to play & slide" she went on to say that she had seen a change in his behavior. he was not acting like himself, sad & telling his teachers he wanted to go home, not wanting to play on the playground, just walking around by himself.

my heart sank & tears begin to roll down my check. thank goodness she had a box of kleenex sitting on the table! i couldn't stop from crying. my heart felt VERY sad, wanting to figure out what was going on for him to feel this way. i had a lot of questions - what made him not want to be there anymore? is someone being mean to him? is he or had he gotten in trouble? he has enjoyed going to school for two months. now why the change?

i dried my tears but we didn't solve anything to why he doesn't want to go to school anymore. we both are going to do some investigating & try to find what's going on.

i'm asking for prayer. i hate knowing (and sending) kaden to school knowing for some reason he doesn't want to go. if you have any ideas/thoughts to help me, help him like school again i would appreciate it.


monika said...

I have dealt with this alot being a kinder teacher. Kids start school so excited and wanting to be there and then before long they are crying and wanting mom. I think he may just miss being able to play and do what he wants, when he wants at home. At school, there's a schedule and people he's not as comfortable with. It is a hard adjustment. I do know that it gets easier as they adjust and realize the balance of it all. Its hard though. I'm not saying this is what it is, but thought it might help.

Kelly said...

Will pray for you......maybe you could help out in his class or something to see how he is in his school setting and to also let him know you haven't gone anywhere, that you're still his mom and will always be there......but like I said I'll support you in prayer on this.
It's been great getting to know you, via your blog. God will help you see what the issue might be.

Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...

maybe you could-- nvm.

Summer said...

wow, that's so sad. not that i know anything at this age level, but I agree with Monica.
Misty doesn't shed tears often - this makes me cry reading it. :( love you.

Anonymous said...

You might try having him draw all the things he likes about school.
Then tell him that you know sometimes he is sad and doesn’t want to go. And ask him to draw a picture about why he doesn’t want to go.
One of my first guesses is that his brother gets to stay home and he has to leave and go to school. He maybe a little jealous that Brock gets more Mommy time than he does, you might consider letting Brock go to a Mommy’s morning out and you volunteer in Kaden’s classroom once a week. If that’s possible then make a big deal about how Brock is getting big just like Kaden and you want to be able to come to Kaden’s school to help out for a little bit.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

My Eli did this last year and it was gut wrenching!

It took a couple of weeks to figure out it was a combination of something a kid had said to him and pressure he felt of not doing things exactly right.

Eventually it got better again.

Praying you're able to get to the bottom of it soon!

Rachel Anne said...

Hi Misty, Kaden may be doing great by the time I'm leaving a comment! Hang in there....he will work though it. Just keep encouraging him and loving on him! How great that you have a teacher who cares enough to notice and try to help!

The Bray Family said...

I agree with Monika...Trinity did that in kinder. She was so excited and then after a few weeks, that wore off! She was just done and didnt want to do it anymore. But it gradually got better and now look at her! She has grown by leaps and bounds (socially, especially) and never complains to go. So hang in there!