November 24, 2008

funniest thing...

our youngest is the funniest kid, even though he is only 2. so sweet, so funny, just love the boy so much! here are a couple of things lately he has said that we got a good laugh out of.

brock had been passing gas all evening when chad jokingly asked him, "where did you get all those toots?"

he answer was "wal-mart"

i guess we have been going there a little too much lately! haha


the spoon hanging from our wall, he calls a SHOVEL!


his mamaw bought him a hippopotamus & when you ask him what its called he says "potty"


ask him what color something is & its ALWAYS pink. why pink - not sure but we are hoping this changes


when its time to fix his hair, he says "SPIKEY"... as you can see in the first picture


he does have a mean spell in him & when he has to says sorry he says, "sorrDy"


pancakes are his favorite for breakfast, but he says "CAN CAKES"


i hope all of you are getting LOTS of laughs at your house too :) happy monday


Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...

Lyle says sha shee.... for sorry! :D It's so cute hearing little kids talk! Today we were at the post office and there were some mailboxes that had the keys in them and he was opening them and saying "LO? BOBBY HO?" he was saying "HELLO? ANYBODY HOME?" it was so cute and funny! and for car he says "pwah!" and he calls me "oshloh" daisy "dee-dee" stella "deh-deh" daddy "dadeeee" mommy "mommy" Oh and this is hilarious! sometimes at dinner we say "what was everybodys high and low?" and when we ask lyle "what was your high?" he says "mommy!" and when we ask him "What was your low?" he says "mommy!" It's really cute!!! :)

O.K. bye! I miss you guys!

Tanja said...

I like the shovel comment, typical boy! ;)

The Bray Family said...

He is soooo cute :)
Cant wait to see yall tomorrow!

Pops said...

He is a cute one! Can't hardly wait for you guys to get here tomorrow....LYT!

Rach@In His Hands said...

He is just way too cute!!

Josh's parents live near Augusta, GA! His dad is a pastor there. We make a trip down there every year...we just soak up the warm weather and time with family. But boy this year is was COLD!! We still enjoyed it, though!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

jennifer said...

i'm lovin' his cute little grin in that picture. he looks like he's about to say something that he thinks is too funny.

Avery started saying, "Thank you Dave" to David. He laughs every time she says it -- so she says it All. THe. Time.

Suzanne said...

How precious!!! He's seriously cute!