November 17, 2008


i have been tagged from my new blogging friend, rachel.
here's how you play:
  • tell everyone 3 things you like about myself
  • pick 3 friend to play along

all about me:

  1. that i'm an organized person
  2. that i TRY to be a wonderful mother to my boys - reading books, talking to people & alot of PRAYER!
  3. that i like to make or give people gifts - just for no reason!

now who to tag... i think i will tag a some new blogging friends to get to know them better. tanja, suzanne, sarah, and one more for fun, kelly are my choices, but if i didn't write your name & you want to play PLEASE DO! it's always good to know more facts about your friends.

happy monday!


Tanja said...

I am confused, I don't know if it's the way I am reading it or not. Is it three things you like about yourself or the person that tagged you?! I would love to play, just tell me which one I am supposed to write about!

Anonymous said...

you need to blog about the progessive dinner on sunday and put pictures up.

Suzanne said...

ohh...thanks for the tag! I will post mine today