November 6, 2008

a little free time...

sitting at a red light... i play this
waiting to pick up kaden... i play this
before i go to bed... i play this
need a few minutes alone... i play this
in the kitchen... i play this
in between services on sunday... i play this
while the boys play outside... i play this
in the bathroom... i play this
while watching tv... i play this
dinner is in the oven... i play this
if i don't have to drive... i play this

do you get it?!?!?! i'm a LITTLE addictive to this game called BUBBLE BREAKER. ha the only reason i got my black jack phone is because it had the game! i walked into the at&t store, asking them which phones had this game. i know, a little crazy but its such a FUN game to me. it relaxes me, getting my mind off my crazy world for just a few minutes.

i know i'm not the only one that has a weird addiction to something like this. so tell me what are you addictive to?


Pops said...

I really into Mahjong right now... relaxing and just a little fun during the day... Of course, I like the Bubble Breaker too...LYT

The Bray Family said...

This game called Diner Dash. My kids have it for their DS and I love it! Also, Brain Age (again on the DS).

Jennifer said...

I like Veggie Pileup. It's like Tetris only with Veggies.