November 19, 2008

put to go use...

it was quiet in the house because the boys were playing outside.

i enjoyed about 5 more minutes of the silence & then i looked outside to check on them. they were cleaning!


they had taken outside a new pack of wipes & were cleaning all of their bikes, cars, toys from playing in the mud with them.

i can always buy more wipes... i was just THRILLED that they were cleaning something!


i have never liked chili, never would even try it.( i'm one of those people who if it has one ingredient i don't like - i'm not eating it)

crazy, huh?

until two weeks ago when we had the teenagers over to carve pumpkins i made some.

what was i thinking?!?! i was nervous all day about how it would taste that night.

they all LOVED it! they ate every single bite... nothing left!

i even tried it & like it.

that left me smiling at the end of the night to know i can now actually make something decent & people will eat! (i'm not a good cook AT ALL!!!)

well, now chad asked me to make CHILI for the concession stand at church to sell throughout the winter months.

so for the next 4 months i will be eating a lot of chili.

i may go back to not liking it anymore! ha ha

got to go make some chili now - wish me luck :)


jennifer said...

so - what's the ingredient that you don't like in chili?

your boys need to teach avery how to clean while mommy is taking her 2.5 second shower.

Rach@In His Hands said...

I could eat chili EVERY day in the fall/winter...SO good!
I have a great recipe...I should share it with you!

Jennifer said...

Stella's favorite way to "clean" is with a spray bottle (of water, set to mist) and a rag- that keeps her busy for hours!

Pops said...

Love Chili...have to get mine from Wendy's! LYT