November 4, 2008

ten on tuesday

up until thanksgiving on tuesday's i will be writing ten things i'm thankful for. in no certain order - just off the top of my head.
so let's get started...
i'm thankful for:
1 - chad letting me buy a new pair of boots at the beginning of the month instead of waiting until the middle or the end! he's such a nice guy! :)
2 - that kaden has been going to school fine since our little incident last monday.
3 - that its not winter yet. i HATE the cold!
4 - that thanksgiving is close & i get to spend 4 days with my family.
5 - that i have a fridge & a pantry stocked up with food.
6 - that my boys share their halloween candy with me. i've done pretty good so far but i need it to be gone before i go on a candy rage & eat it all!
7 - that i have gotten back in contact with a friend from middle school.

8 - that God is so very, very faithful to my family!
9 - that i have already started my christmas shopping. i love finding a good sale at a store & stocking up on cheap gifts!
10 - my camera that kaden dropped, all of a sudden started working again.


The Bray Family said...

I am very thankful for #4 also!

Anonymous said...

Great list and I am with you on number 3, Winter has quite hit here yet either! Woo-hoo!!

Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you did!

Kelly said...

That is a very lovely idea.
Helps to put things into good perspecitve, I would think.
My minds goin' now about what I'm thankful for.....

Pops said...

Life is good with God and a loving family---even though everythings not perfect...
I'm thankful for #4 too! LYT!