November 11, 2008

ten on tuesday...

i'm thankful for:
  1. my heater & sweaters... its cold here now. yuck!
  2. we got ONE good family picture on saturday... thanks sarah!
  3. finally got to see the movie fireproof... write more about that in another blog, but its a REALLY good movie!
  4. for all of kaden's new clothes that his 4 wonderful grandparents bought... grandparents are the BEST!
  5. over half done with my christmas shopping... all on sale or half/half off! i love a good deal!
  6. my boys hugs & kisses... smooch!
  7. my clean car that chad washed & vacuumed out for me this weekend... shiny like new!
  8. my close relationship with my parents. love you very much mom & dad!
  9. its just this simple... my husband ROCKS!!!
  10. for chad pushing me to start blogging... i really like writing it out & getting things out of my head. its been refreshing, energizing, creating creativity in me.


Anonymous said...

Great list of Thankfuls! I still haven't seen Fireproof yet, it's on my list. You have a great blog, too!

pops said...

Great list....We Love You too!

Summer said...

i'm liking your weekly thanks list. love you.