November 10, 2008

fun while it lasted...

we went with some teenagers last thursday night for a fun, cold evening of hayrides, warming bomb fires where we could cook hotdogs & smores. i'm not the outside type, nature kind of girl but once or twice a year its fun, esp when eating smores is involved.

the boys had fun on the hayride & kaden actually cooked himself & brock a hotdog.

8:30 rolls around (their bedtime) & kaden starts to get tired & brock only wants to be held by me. we (i mean they) had had enough of the country life & the cold weather so we packed up & headed back to town.

we were only out there, maybe 2 hours, which was fine with me!! i'm just glad that i got a couple of cute shots of the boys.

kaden deciding if he is going to eat it or not... he did!

everybody, including chad ready to go home!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun but then the last couple of pictures they look tired and cold!

pops said...

Great pictures! I like Brock's flash light---very cute. LYT!

Jennifer said...

That hot dog picture is *the best*!