November 18, 2008

ten on tuesday...

its tuesday again.

man, this month is flying by.

its the third tuesday of the month.

and that means - thankful tuesday -

ten things i'm thankful for:
  1. the coupon class i have been going to. yesterday i went to the store bought 4 lb bag of sugar, cologate toothpaste, & foil - paid $1.22. 87% savings!!! i'm super excited!!!
  2. my new friends in the blogging world. never meet them, but its nice to know i have friends out there! ha
  3. for chad's good job
  4. a clean house cleaned by my husband & boys sunday afternoon
  5. my free photo book from snapfish - that saved me $30 bucks!!!
  6. my family is healthy
  7. my new warm, cozy socks chad bought me. my feet are ALWAYS cold!
  8. my itty bitty creative side inside of me - i like to make things. i'm trying to be more crafty these days!
  9. kaden is learning to love his little brother more everyday - its hard on most days but he talks about it with me & is realizing he needs to.
  10. for my relationship with Jesus.


Rach@In His Hands said...

I like this idea - "Thankful Tuesday"! is always good to take time to appreciate each blessing we have.
This coupon class sounds like its really working!! And your family sounds wonderful. :-)

Kelly said...

Hi Misty!

Something's wrong with my blog right now. I can't post and my hubby's out of town going on 3 weeks (yuck, yuck and double yuck) or I'd ask him what I'm doing wrong. And I have no patience left with the computer while taking care of my 2 girls.....
Will try to get it to post the "3 things I like about myself" this weekend......sorry my response will be so delayed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing coupon class, yeah for that! I heard that the Snapfish book was extended til the 22nd, I need to look, because that would be GREAT!

Alana said...

Hello! I stopped by to say "hello" and to thank you for your recent comment on my blog. Your boys are ADORABLE! Loved your list...lots to be thankful for!

Pops said...

Great list! I'm really looking forward to each Tuesday! LYT!

Anonymous said...

Hey Misty,
I was just catching up on reading your blog and I am wondering about the coupon class you are going to. I would love any info...I am very interested in getting free stuff and saving my family some money!! Hope you and your family are doing great!
Love ya!
Angie Guidry